How to Downsize Your Home When Moving to a Modest House

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The prospect of moving to another home can be a stressful enough experience for many individuals. Those planning to move into a smaller house than the one they have currently been living in can be particularly challenging. Years of accumulated household items can rattle anyone’s emotions when considering how to pare down or downsize your belongings before moving into a more modest sized house. This dilemma is common for older couples wanting a smaller home after raising their families. There are some simple and practical strategies from this Roseville moving company to get everything ready for the upcoming move date.

Begin Your Moving Preparations as Early as Possible

The stress of move preparations set in when the moving individuals realize how much they have to accomplish in a short period. Many underestimate how long this paring down process can be. When individuals have a practical plan of action, they are far less stressed and better prepared.

  • Schedule practical cleaning/organizing times
  • Get every household member involved
  • Sort items for keep, trash, sell or donate
  • Plan and hold a yard sale
  • Sell large items like furniture through newspaper ads if necessary.

Give Away Good Condition Items

Consider giving away some sentimental items that are taking up a lot of storage space. Give family heirlooms, old baby clothes and supplies, cherished Christmas decorations and other important items to grown children or others that would want these items.

Remember that common household items like dishes, good smaller kitchen appliances, and clothing are all needed and can be donated to local women’s shelters and other worthy community organizations.

Keep Belongings in a Wait Spot

Most people dislike throwing out or getting rid of items that they have paid good money for. This can cause a problem when trying to pare down household items into a smaller amount. Rather than stress over the decision right away, place these items in a safe spot to wait for a while. For example:

  • Put too large or small, or unworn clothing away for several months
  • Go through again when the time is up to see if your decision has changed
  • Do the same with toys kids haven’t played with, books already read and so on

Enlist the Help of a Friend or Family Member During Final Pare Down

Sometimes, just having someone there to bounce ideas off can make this job go easier. Try to enlist someone who is a good organizer and knows your tastes and habits.

Begin Packing Items Not Needed Well Before Move Date

Start packing those items you will be keeping but don’t need currently well in advance of the move date. This service for moving in Sacramento, CA, suggests labeling each box and which room it belongs in.

Last Minute Details

Give yourself enough time to clean up everything. With proper preparation plans, your move can be smooth, peaceful and less stressful.

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