What to Get Rid of When Moving Your Elderly Parent into a Smaller Home

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Whether it’s due to advanced age or the easing of financial burdens, downsizing into a smaller home can be a blessing in many ways. If it’s your parents’ time to move into a smaller home that’s perfect for the two of them, some important decisions must be made regarding their possessions. Here are some of the most common household items that movers in Las Vegas suggest discarding when moving your elderly parents into a smaller home.


Everyone’s parents are guilty of accumulating varying amounts of clutter in their home throughout the years. When you begin to survey your parents’ current home for items to discard or move into storage, the copious amounts of clutter should be the first to go, especially if they are cross country moving. This type of clutter includes newspapers, magazines, old toys, broken furniture, plastic bags, old or broken decorations, shoes with no pairs, and other items that your parents might not have gotten around to throwing away yet.

Excess Furniture

Whether your parents enjoyed hosting family gatherings, offered their home to out-of-town guests, or simply enjoyed having a home full of furniture, there will need to be a purging of chairs, tables, beds, and dressers when your parents decide to downsize. Begin this arduous process by discussing with them which furniture pieces they’d like to keep. This will usually include a bedroom set, a living room set, and pieces of furniture that have sentimental value to them. Once the essential furniture has been chosen, you have a myriad of options regarding the leftover furniture. It can be donated to a local organization, given to a family in need, sold online, or even transferred to a storage unit for safe keeping.

Clothing Purge

When downsizing to a smaller home, it’s reasonable to expect the amount of closet space to be smaller as well. If your parents happen to possess a rather girthy wardrobe, a clothing purge will most likely be in order. Purging a personal wardrobe can be a rather time-consuming task, so bring all hands on deck if need be. You can make the clothing purge more efficient by separating the clothes into sections and going through them one section at a time. Be sure to keep any clothes that might have sentimental value to your parents and always check with them before putting clothes into the discard pile.

Dinnerware and Cutlery

Over the years, your parents have probably amassed a rather large collection of mismatched dinnerware and orphaned pieces of cutlery. With your parents downsizing to a smaller home, it’s going to mean less room for dinner parties, guests, and gatherings. This also means they’ll need fewer pieces of dinnerware and cutlery.

Discuss with your parents which sets of plates and glasses they would like to keep. With it being only the two of them living in the house, keeping a set that serves up to four people should suffice. The extra dinnerware and cutlery can be donated to local organizations, sold, or handed out to members of the family. Give your parents the final say in which pieces stay and go so that they can keep any plates or glasses that are special to them.

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