Ideal Small House Plans for Seniors

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Your home is your castle. It has been a comfortable haven after a day’s work. Your children grew up here. However, now that you are in your golden years, the old homestead is becoming harder to manage—and, since the kids have moved out, there’s a lot of space.

There are many options for people like you who are considering downsizing their domicile: apartments, condominiums, retirement communities, assisted living facilities, and more. However, the idea of living in a building or complex in close quarters with other residents may not be attractive. And seniors want to maintain an independent lifestyle. If this sounds like you, moving to a small house is an option worth exploring.


Perks of Downsizing

There are a lot of benefits to moving into a smaller space:

  • You can remain independent in your own home without the unused space and difficulty of maintaining a large dwelling.
  • Since many come on wheels, they make relocating to a new community or being near family a breeze.
  • Tiny houses cost less to heat and cool, and many are equipped with solar power panels. Some are even self-sustaining.
  • Small houses have all the comforts of bigger dwellings: bedrooms, bathrooms, well-equipped kitchens, comfortable living areas, and porches
  • They come with easy-to-reach counters and cupboards, wheel-chair-friendly doorways and bathrooms, and everything on one floor. (However, there are two-story ones available.)
  • Small homes make economic sense. The Integrating Transportation and Community Planning program report that 89% of owners owe less on their credit cards than Americans in general—and have about 55% more money in the bank.

Endless Options

Small houses come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from tiny cabins without bathrooms to three-bedrooms homes sporting two baths. Here is a sample of the options available.

  • This style is small on space but big on efficiency. An eight ½-foot padded bench does triple duty: couch, extra bed, and dining-room seating. Underneath the seat is a water-filtration system and storage space. A table fits nicely in front of the bench. A retractable TV screen covers the windows across from the seating area. The structure features a home office that doubles as a bedroom (a rollaway bed hides under the elevated desk). Its kitchen is basic: sink, refrigerator, microwave, storage space, and an optional cooktop. The tiny bathroom has a sink and toilet—and the room converts into a shower.
  • If more space is your thing, this dwelling fits the bill. It has a combined living room, dining area, and kitchen, with an island separating the eating/food preparation space. Window seats are a delightful touch—they serve as cozy places to curl up and read and storage space. Two bedrooms and a full bathroom round out the first floor. A loft, reached by a ladder, can double as extra sleeping space or a storeroom.
  • This style boasts three bedrooms (one with a private full bath and a roomy closet). An entryway, with enough space for a washer and dryer, opens into a complete kitchen and dining room. A spacious living room faces a porch. There is even a basement!

A small house has all the amenities of home without the difficulties of maintaining a big domicile. It is an ideal choice for seniors who want to save money, be carefree, and enjoy their golden years.

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